Sunday, 22 January 2012

Hello There, Boys and Girls......

Allow me introduce myself, I'm weird, I love cartoons and though I may be nineteen, I do still have the mind of a five year old.

I think fashion is all about expression and can come from anywhere at anytime but that's what makes fashion so beautiful, personal and creative.

My style is all over the place and differs everyday, one day I'm dressed like a grandmother, the next I look like a hippy from Woodstock. All I can say is that it's fun to play dress up.

This blog will be filled with photos, trends, outfits, favourite quotes, songs and inspirational pictures from around the Internet and any thing else you could think of, as well as a few pieces my own. I can't really put it into a category just yet but it will cover fashion, culture, music and everything in between. I am learning from the blogging world as I go along and promise to post as much as I can but most importantly hope to have fun along the way.

So with a few promises made here and a few jokes told there, I think it's about time we get started......

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