Saturday, 30 June 2012

So what have you been up to????

I know its been a while, but how has everyone been? Summer is nearly here, but as someone who loves the cold, I can't wait for winter to arrive. Anyway, I'm moving off topic, but I still can't wait to see some snow. I've been cool, but I wanted to give you guys a mini update through pictures becuase everyone loves pictures...

                                                               Au Revoir for now

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Elle Magazine Internship: Please Vote For Me!!!!!

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Thank you guys for your support


Sunday, 17 June 2012

It's All About... Zoe Kravitz

What can I say. I absolutely love this girl. She is such a chameleon, that can wear anything, in any colour and make it look good. The girl is gifted. Actress and singer, I can't wait to see what she does next...

Friday, 15 June 2012

It’s Time to Party, It’s Time for Festivals!

It’s getting hotter, the sun’s staying out longer and I don’t even remember what the moon looks like. Yes, summer is here and you know what that means, its festival season.

I adore festivals but have never attended one but see that year after year festivals get better and better. My obsession with festivals started with my fascination with the 60s and being a full time hippy, here I love everything about the greatest festival ever, Woodstock of 1969. Here greats such as Jimmy Hendrix and The Who poured their souls into their instruments in order to protest for peace as a response to the violence the world faced the years and decades before. Billed by supporters as “three days of peace and music” Woodstock attracted 450,000 fans, here the festival was such a success, that it needed a whole raft of new state laws to ensure it would never happen again. Now that was a festival.

Great things happen at festivals as Woodstock has a legacy of its own. Although it was for three days, those days are now known as three glorious days in the history of culture as Jimmy Hendrix blew the audience away with his own interpretation of America’s national anthem. I’ve seen footage of it on YouTube and I swear even the hippies had to put down their marijuana to embrace its beautiful portrayal.

This year will see great concerts, festivals and musical events that will make its’ own stamp on history as there are so many to look out for. There are many to choose from given that Wireless festival, V festival, Love Box festival, The Underage Festival, Download festival, Reading festival, Liverpool Sound City and Wood festival are just a few to mention as there are over a hundred festivals lined up this summer in the U.K alone. But don’t forget about those abroad like Coachella Festival 2012, New Orleans’s jazz festival or the Wango Tango one overseas.

But with all these choices and lack of money how do you decide which ones to see, well go for your favourite band, artist , genre or venue as Isle of Wight alone is a good enough reason to attend the festival 2012. But even if your flat broke, working all summer or your parents won’t let you travel to a big field to get stuck in three feet of mud, there are other options. Go to ones closer to home and what about getting it on DVD or watch it on TV as I know for a fact that you can watch full coverage and highlights of Radio 1 Hackney Weekend on B.B.C. or online. And with more festivals still to come like Leeds and Reading as well as the Camden Crawl festival, it is a sure sign that the festival season is still not over. Hey you can always make a festival at home and it does save you having a sweaty man’s hairy armpit in your face or being attacked by insects. But if you want to give it a go, get some money, sun screen together with wellies and get ready for some great music, I know I will.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Tattoos, Tattoos... You Gotta Love Tattoos

I don't know what it is but tattoos are so beautiful. Fake or real, they make the perfect accessory. So in order to get inspired by its art and into the spirit, here are some of my favourite pictures of tattoos...